Lollo & Bernie’s Mini Stars

Get your body moving! Lollo & Bernie’s Mini Stars is where the your very youngest get the best chance to dance along their favorite songs.

This activity is offered at extra charge. Please check the activity times and sign up in Holiday Planner. Payment upon check out at Reception.

Rehearse with our Mini Land team, get dressed up in costumes they pick from our Lollo & Bernie’s Mini Stars wardrobe and lastly, hit the stage in the evening!

Be ready for your children's live air time, too. Our Lollo & Bernie’s Mini Stars host will come up and interview your future star on stage! A certificate of participation will be given at the end of the show.

How to participate:

✰ Meet our Mini Stars hosts in Mini Land for rehearsal which includes staging, choosing costume and other fun preparations!

✰ Meet up again in the evening to prepare for the big show approximately 15 min before showtime. Exact time will be given by our Mini Land team during the rehearsal.

✰ If several participants choose the same song, they may perform altogether as group on stage due to time limitation.

✰ Parents are required to sign in and out for their children for each activity.