Climate compensation

Big news! Ving, Spies & Tjäreborg are increasing climate compensation

Now Ving, Spies & Tjäreborg can offer one of the most comprehensive programs in the industry. In April, Ving, Spies & Tjäreborg, were first among the major tour operators to CO2 compensate for all 1.5 million guests' that book flights with us, regardless of airline.

On September 16, the next step in the sustainability work will be taken when our own Sunwing Family Resorts, O.B.C by Sunwing, Sunprime Hotels and all bus transfers on the destinations are included in the climate compensation.

- By extending our already extensive climate compensation to now also include our own hotels, where half a million customers live annually, as well as all bus transfers to the destinations, we can offer one of the most comprehensive programs in the industry. This is an important milestone in our work to continue to reduce our emissions and become fossil free as a company, says Fredrik Henriksson, Communications Manager and Sustainability Manager Ving.

What does this mean?

We compensate climate for the emissions that are linked to energy, water and waste consumption for guests staying at our own and very popular hotels, Sunwing, O.B.C By Sunwing and Sunprime. The compensation applies to carbon dioxide emissions and also emissions of other greenhouse gases, including nitrogen and sulfur oxides (Green House Gas - GHC).

In addition, climate emissions are also compensated by all bus transfers to and from the hotels in all our destinations. Both hotel and bus emissions are based on the GHG protocol, which is an internationally recognized method of calculation with standards for both the public and private sectors. All calculation methods are approved by an external controller and are also monitored by our partner Natural Capital Partners, NCP.

Since April 2019, all customers' air travel has been compensated according to the requirements set by the global standard "The Carbon Neutral Protocol", which focuses not only on carbon dioxide emissions but also other greenhouse gas emissions. Climate compensation applies to all guests' air travel, regardless of airline. 

Classic charter the best climate smart alternative

  • The classic charter trip has a number of advantages from a sustainability perspective, such as our transfer buses, sustainability certified hotels with high occupancy and almost fully booked flights, which results in significantly lower emissions per passenger compared to the average for regular airlines. Our airline Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia has among the lowest emissions in Europe per passenger, continues Fredrik.

Positive impact for hundreds of thousands of people

For the climate compensation program, we collaborate with NCP, a global leader in emissions reductions. Through the collaboration, the company can invest in global projects that reduce the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions and which also contribute to a positive impact on people and local communities. In addition to reduced emissions, the projects focus on, among other things water infrastructure projects in East Africa and the Gambia, hydropower plants in Sri Lanka, wind power in Turkey and India as well as a tree planting project in Spain.

The projects create access to clean water, jobs, infrastructure and health promotion efforts. The projects are certified and meet the criteria of the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) or the Gold Standard, a quality standard developed by WWF and supported by more than 80 environmental organizations. In total, the selected projects will have a positive impact for more than 125,000 people.

- We are constantly striving to reduce our emissions by streamlining our operations and investing in new technology. We also look forward to great potential in more sustainable fuels in aviation, but as long as we have emissions that cannot be prevented, our climate compensation program means that we invest in projects that reduce the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions, say’s Fredrik.

Short facts about the climate compensation program

  • All flights for all 1.5 million guests in the Nordic region regardless of airlines (Ving, Spies, Tjäreborg).
  • All 500,000 Nordic guests staying at their own hotels Sunwing, Sunprime and O.B.C by Sunwing.
  • All bus transfers to and from the airport in all charter destinations, including 1.1 million guests
  • Investments in projects related to water, wind power and tree planting, which have a positive impact on more than 125,000 people and local communities.

For questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email: Fredrik Henriksson, +46 709 513 124,

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