Pool & Beach

Open: 08:00-20:00 with lifeguard present. We kindly ask you not to reserve the sunbeds with clothes or towels when you are not using them.

It is not allowed to take the sun beds away from the pool area. Always check the safety rules by the pool and the depth shown on the edge of the pool, before using the pools.

All babies must use swimming diapers in the pool. In case defecation is detected in the pool, we are obliged to close it for a period of time. Proper swimming diapers are available in the Mini Market.

The lifeguard is there for everyone’s safety and will act accordingly; please respect his safety instructions at all times. Any toys and flotation devices to be used in the pool are only allowed if the lifeguard believes that they do not pose a risk to health and safety of the user or any other guest.
Oversize flotation devices for more than one user may look like fun but may put lives at risk. They may not be used in the swimming pools at any time.


In order to avoid unnecessary washing of our Pool & Beach towels, we only wash upon your request.
Just place the Pool & Beach towel in the basket in your bathroom and we will change them.
If you prefer, bring your Pool & Beach towel to our Reception for exchange.

The nearest beach is right in front of the hotel, mostly made up of pebbles and coarse sand. In the water, parts of the bottom is covered in rocks. Undertows and waves occur. Sun beds and parasols are available for rent.