Sports & Fitness

Click to see the week's fitness programs and sports activities and sign up directly here.

Biking, Running & Walking Routes

Take your bike around and explore the area at your own pace. Check out our recommended biking routes here!

Discover and share the best outdoor roots with The Outdoor Navigation App Wikiloc. You can download the application below.

We recommend different running & jogging routes in the surroundings of the hotel. To get started, download the running applications below.

Next, login with your Runkeeper or MapMyRun account and add any running route listed below. See instructions on how to add them to your workout in Runkeeper and MapMyRun further down. Let's go!

10 km
Runkeeper route
MapMyRun route

5 km
Runkeeper route
MapMyRun route

3 km
Runkeeper route
MapMyRun route

Runkeeper Instructions

  1. Go to
  2. Login with your personal Runkeeper account.
  3. Go back to the previous "Running / Roller Skiing Routes" page and click on "Runkeeper route" below the route you want to add.
  4. Click on "add to your routes" below the map.
  5. Now you have the route added to your app.

MapMyRun Instructions

  1. Go to
  2. Login with your personal MapMyRun account.
  3. Go back to the previous "Running / Roller Skiing Routes" page and click on "MapMyRun route" below the route you want to add.
  4. Click on the "Actions" button. Then click on "Send to phone".
  5. You will recieve an email with a link that will add the route to your MapMyRun app.

Online Training

Yogobe is the leading digital platform in the Nordics for physical and mental health. Yogobe offers +2000 videos as well as playlists, programs and challenges within everything from yoga, meditation and mindfulness to workouts, Pilates, dance, mental training, pregnancy exercises and much more.

To claim unlimited access to the Yogobe video library during your stay we welcome you to to sign up using the campaign code nltg2023 for a thirty day free trial.

If you already have a Yogobe account, paying or non-paying, please use the code NLTG7 to get access. After your free access days, your membership will not convert into a paying subscription if you do not actively start one yourself.

Examples of training videos

NEWS! Move Challenge

Accept the challenge – and get some everyday exercise on your vacation? Our new Move Challenges gives you the opportunity to compete with yourself or others in a various number of athletic activities.


Today there are seven 18-hole courses on the island (five on the south side)- read more from the list below. Help Desk can help you book starting times.

On the island's south side

Meloneras golf
One of the more recently constructed golf courses on Gran Canaria. The first nine holes are played as if on a classic park course. Starting on the tenth, you probably commence the most beautiful nine holes on Gran Canaria, with a breathtaking view over the sea. This is where all the “training tip” pictures in Svensk Golf are shot.

Anfi golf
This course was opened in October 2007, designed by Von Hagge in an ”Arizona style”. The eighth hole is the most expensive ever built in Spain. This spectacular golf experience will linger with you for a long time.

Salobre – south course
A very agreeable park course in excellent condition, with the green areas creating a spectacular contrast to the surrounding desert landscape. Since the course is laid out in the mountains it is rather hilly, and an ordinary hundred meter shot may sometimes require “two extra clubs” to make the challenge more interesting.

Salobre – north course
A veritable roller coaster. Since this is the most challenging course on the south side we recommend a handicap of no more than 10 to play here.

Campo de golf de Maspalomas
A long, flat course in and around the verdant Maspalomas Nature Park. This is a fairly simple course, but don’t let yourself be fooled by the layout. The green areas are newly built and can be ever so demanding.

On the island's north side

Bandama Golf
Gran Canaria can boast two of the oldest golf courses in Spain - Real Club de Golf de Las Palmas, on an plateau at the edge of the Bandama crater, about 15 kilometres from Las Palmas. Book well ahead, no playing during the weekends.
Tel: +34 928 350 104 / Fax: +34 928 350 110 / E-mail:

El Cortijo Golf
An oasis close to the highway between Las Palmas and Telde, with an 18-hole course and a good restaurant, Meson Cinco Jotas.
Tel: +34 928 711 111 / Fax: +34 928 714 905 / E-mail:

Personal Trainer

Regardless of your goals and training experience, your personal trainer (PT) will help make your training motivating and efficient. Available from the beginning of October to the beginning of April.

Our PT Packages

50 min package €55
3*50 min package €150
5*50 min package €250

Price incl. free consultation before the first workout.

Benefits of PT training

Your personal trainer helps you with everything from providing nutrition advice to making individually tailored training programmes. Your PT is present during your entire training session, partly to monitor how you execute the exercises, partly to encourage you to perfom to the max.

Designing your training programme based on consultation and training needs analysis

Initially your personal trainer carries out a consultation with the objective of establishing your training background, possible history of injuries and illnesses and what you wish to achieve from your training. By implementing relevant tests, your personal trainer may also perform a capacity analysis to determine your physical status. The information thus generated will then form the basis for your personal training programme.

Faster results with a personal trainer

Few things are more motivating than being able to see that your training has led to increased strength, improved fitness or weight loss. Nearly everyone training with a personal trainer will achieve faster results compared to working out on their own. A booked meeting with a personal trainer will spur you on to show up for a training session, even on days where you feel unmotivated.

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