Opening hours: Daily 06:00-22:00
Location: by the pool area.
Size: 130 m²
Minimum age: 13 years (except "Gym Together", see below)
Price: Free of charge for all guests
Air conditioned: Yes

Activate your body with your children during your holiday with us by taking part in Gym Together (11:00-12:00 & 13:00-15:00)! Learn more here.

Gym Equipment

Exercise bike x2
Treadmill x3
Crosstrainer x1
SkiErg 1 x1
Skillrow x1
Leg curl x1
Leg press x1
Shoulder press machine x1
Utility benches x1
Leg extension x1
Shoulder x1
Abdominal crunch x1
Chest press x1
Lats machine x1
Multimachine x1
Dumbells (4-32 kg)
Olympic rod
Weight plates
Bars (metal)
Pilates ball
Kettlebells (8-24 kg)