Teen Activities - 8-11 years free of charge

Below, you will find examples of activities on offer, the programme may vary between hotels.

Teen Lounge

  • Teen Lounge is our cool meeting- and activity place for all teens.
Chill Out in Teen Lounge
  • Hang out in the Teen Lounge with our Teen Host. Here you can read, relax, talk, listen to music or join some of our games, crafts and activities. 
  • Playstation 3 & 4 (8+). Choose from a big variety of different kinds of games. You can also choose between single or multiplayer games.
Teen Information Meeting
  • This meeting gives you information about all the activities. We get to know each other better and make plans for the week and your holiday

Water Sport & Water games

Crazy Water Games
  • Crazy jumps, spoon diving and swimming tournaments in the pool are some of the activities that make it fun to hang with us for this activity.
Water Polo / Water Basket / Water Volleyball
  • Let´s play a ballgame in the pool. We compete against each other in the water.
Pool Race
  • See if you have what it takes to make your team win in an exciting race in the pool.


Football / Volleyball / Beach Volleyball / Basket
  • We play the classic and popular sports in various tournaments divided into teams. Who will win?
Boot Camp / Beach Boot Camp
  • We do different training exercises combined with fun competitions.
Table-Tennis / Billiard / Air Hockey / Table football
  • Everyone challenges everyone in the exciting tournaments where speed and precision comes in handy.

Quiz & Games

Photo Buster / Balloon Hunt / Quiz / Go & Get it
  • Find the hidden things, follow the clues and collect points.
Kubb & Konge Spillet / Boule & Boccia
  • Concentrate and throw as precise as possible. The best aim will win the game.
Creative & Arts
Creative time
  • Join us and make your own cool accessories like friendship bracelets or key-rings.


Family Yoga
  • Family Yoga offers some quality time together. The focus is on movement, focus, and above all, joy. No need to accomplish something,everyone does the exercises after own ability and the yoga class is based on a story that follows through the whole class.
Kids Parkour
  • Jump up high and crawl down low. Here you can have fun and at the same time train to improve your coordination, physical strength and balance.
Fitness & Gym Together
  • Fitness Together is an opportunity for parents and children aged 11-15 years to train together in selected classes during the week.
  • Gym Together is an opportunity for the parents and children aged 11-13 years to train together in the Gym. The staff starts with an introduction, and then you train together according to a framework.

    After taking part of the introduction the parent/adult must sign an agreement stating that the he/she assumes full responsibility for the child when in the studio.